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Robography Update #2


I’ve been shooting primarily on film these days and I just returned from Cincinnati, Ohio.   There is some great content coming to show you all.

There is a huge backlog being worked on as I get things ready to launch the new site, and try to divide my time between my personal projects and clients and my work at Muse Magazine.  But Things should be up and running great by mid June.

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Robography Update #1

Blog Update from Robography: What I am working on and what to expect in the near future. #robography #update

Been pretty busy lately with my work over at M.U.S.E., and general freelance work. Which has not lent me a lot of time for upkeep here at Robography.   Right now I am working out a new layout and design for my site, to better showcase my work and produce relevant content.  Since I am doing everything myself, and learning new skills to do so, its been a rather slow and arduous process.


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